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Auburn, Alabama Expungement Attorney

We can clear your good name.  You may be eligible for an expungement depending on the outcome of your case.  Expungements allow individuals who faced these charges but were not convicted to seek to have these records expunged or sealed or made to go away.  This is great news since previously there was no way to have these arrest records removed even if the prosecutor did not pursue your case or you won at trial.  You still had an arrest that a back ground check would find.  Let our experienced Expungement Attorneys who are located in Auburn, Alabama walk you through this process and make sure it gets done correctly.

Expungements in Alabama

An expungement essentially means that the charge or arrest that you received is sealed from the public as if the incident never happened.  Once you have been successful in expunging your record, you can truthfully tell potential employers that you have no criminal record.  This is a great opportunity for all people looking for work, a promotion, or just trying to move on with their lives.

Some general guidelines to consider include:

  • Was your charge/case dismissed?

  • Was your charge/case no-billed by the grand jury?

  • Were you found not guilty at trial?

  • Was your charge a misdemeanor or a non-violent felony?

  • Did you complete some type of pre-trial diversion program?

Hal Walker of the Walker Law Firm has represented thousands of defendants during his legal career.  Rest assured that he and his staff will work hard for you to resolve this very personal and embarrassing matter.  If you can answer in the affirmative to any of the above guidelines we may be able to help you clear your name.  Use the form to your left to contact us or contact Hal directly at [email protected] or 334-329-7325 to make a confidential appointment and hear what options you may have.

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