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Our Personal Injury Attorneys know that drugs with dangerous and potentially deadly side effects often make it to the market more often than not.  This is because the potential dangers posed by the drugs were not discovered or anticipated during the phase known as “clinical trials.”  The FDA has classified drugs and devices such as these as “defective.”  The FDA often requires a recall of items that they have deemed to be defective.  Unfortunately, this recall often occurs after consumers have been severely injured or died as a result of these defective products.

The Walker Law Firm has worked with other attorneys around the United States in holding manufactures of defective drugs  holding them accountable for the injuries suffered by our clients.  We will work hard for you to produce the best result possible.

At present we are reviewing cases for clients relating to drugs listed to the right.  This list is not inclusive of all possible defective and dangerous drugs.  Please call if you or your physician suspect a different drug or medical device has caused you or a loved one injuries.  We will provide you with a free confidential case evaluation.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers are currently reviewing the records of clients who have suffered serious health problems or death that took the follow drugs or used the products.

Bad Drugs



JUUL Vap Litigation


Talcum Powder