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Nursing Home Abuse occurs almost everyday in Alabama.  There are currently 227 Nursing Homes in Alabama providing over 26506 beds to the elderly.  Nearly 58000 full time jobs are generated by Alabama Nursing Homes with an overall business impact of $ 4 Billion dollars.

Typical problems experienced by nursing home residents include pressure sores which can lead to sepsis and death.  Depression, which is quite common among nursing home residents and finally, urinary tract infections. Additional health problems include, malnutrition, dehydration, falls, medication problems/failure to give, and general negligence.

Nursing home residents are far too often the helpless victims of nursing facilities that place profits over the care of their patients
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Through litigation over the years, patients and their families have found that they have a voice when their loved one is injured or killed. Through a great number of individual claims, we have been successful in unveiling the sources of problems and are beneficial to an overall improvement of the quality of care.

Always check on your loved ones that are residents of nursing home.  Listen to their concerns when they are voiced to you.  In a dignified way talk to them about their body and any sores that they may have and how they are being treated.  These few step of preventative maintenance may save your loved ones life.

If you or a loved one has been severely injured to died while in the care of a nursing home,please contact us for a free case review.