Selecting a Personal Injury Law Firm

By June 7, 2015Personal Injury

Selecting a personal injury law firm is something that may people will need to do in their lifetime.  I recently read an article about an Alabama law firm that has become a “branding” specialist, probably at the expense of doing good legal work.  In the article, this law firm professed to receiving 1500 calls on an average Monday morning.  Now don’t get me wrong, that is a ton of telephone calls.  That number is pretty much what most boutique law firms receive in about six months.

With that being said, the article goes on to say that last year they took less than a dozen of cases to trial.  So, the firm that says they receive hundreds of thousands of telephone calls only took a dozen or so to trial.  They further say that out of the number that they took to trial, they lost two thirds of the cases.  Now, in the personal injury field, it is not unheard of to have a low success rate.  Typically, the burden of proof is pretty steep so as a result, the average success rate on a personal injury trial is slightly under 50 percent.

What does that tell us?  Well, first of all, the firm that takes so few cases to trial is settling a large number of cases.  However, when you settle large numbers of cases, the amount that insurance companies are willing to pay you decreases.  You see, insurance companies track personal injury attorneys and are well aware of what they have been doing with their cases lately.  So if you are settling lots of cases, you are probably giving away 30 percent of your settlement just because the insurance company does not take you serious.  The question is what can be done to change this?

What we can do to change this is be an advocate for our clients and intend to take them all to trial unless a fair and reasonable settlement can be attained.  Personal injury litigation is not for the weak hearted.  You must be willing to lose but you also must have confidence in your ability to win.  So when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney, dont just look at their marketing.  Take time to speak to them and find out how they will be working your case.  There are a large number of personal injury firms that do very little advertising but provide superior services.  Take your time and make good decisions, bill boards and funny commercials do not  make you a good attorney.  It just means that you spend a lot of money on advertising.  The Walker Law Firm is a personal injury law firm in Auburn, Alabama.  Please contact us if you have recently been injured for a free case evaluation.

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