A good day of the home team

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This was a good week for the Alabama Parole Attorney, we were able to help 3 inmates get scheduled for parole hearings and we were able to help 5 out of 6 inmates be granted parole.  Each of these inmates that were granted parole were able to go home due to our efforts in properly communicating with the inmate and properly preparing for the hearing.  Due to our experience before the Alabama Pardons and Parole Board, we know what the board members want to see and hear from us at the hearing.  As a result, our efforts are often times successful.  We are careful though to never make any guarantees of success.  The only promise that we make to our clients is that each and every one of them will receive our best efforts.  It is important also to realize that not everyone gets out on parole.  Sometimes, the facts of the case, and testimony from victims made at the parole hearing make it difficult if not impossible for the parole board to release that inmate.  We try to do our best for everyone.  Unfortunately, on rare occasions, the parole board decides not to release the inmate early.


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