A Mother’s plea for help!

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Received a telephone call from a lady today calling about her son.  Its amazing how many parents feel responsible for the actions of their grown children.  This lady has a son in prison due to multiple DUI convictions.  He has a parole hearing coming up later next month and she didn’t know if she needed an attorney at the hearing.  My answer to her was “Of Course.”  A parole hearing is your most important day as an inmate.  Why not have someone that understands the law and procedures there to help your family through the hearing process.  This lady was traveling out west and opted to pay us via her credit card.  She wanted us to get right to work in preparing to help her son.  I am glad that I was able to help her today.  If we can help you or just answer some questions, please feel free to contact us at 334-558-0171, www.ghwalk.com, or email us at info@ghwalk.com.


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