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Divorce of any type is unfortunate and when you include Social Media it can become problematic.  What we tend to see that haunts clients and/or their spouses in divorce actions is prior and current use of social media.  Often times harmless posts on Face Book, Twitter and Instagram can come back and bite you when the other side brings derogatory posts as evidence against you in your case.

As a result, widespread use of social media has changed the landscape of divorce. Emotional outbursts and posts that lack of discretion have caused many individuals to lose far more than necessary during their divorce.

While many divorces follow a fairly standardized process, a large amount of the details are left to the discretion of the judge. A skilled divorce lawyer can use facts about the other spouse against him or her, swaying the judge’s perception of the spouse and their situation. This could have a significant impact on every aspect of the divorce, from property division and spousal support to child custody and visitation rights.

Another item of concern is the use of Apple’s Icloud on multiple devices.  When using Icloud on multiple devices, be aware that based upon certain settings, text messages and pictures are shared between those devices.


Social Media, such as Face Book, Twitter, and Instagram Can Have A Profound Impact On Your Divorce Outcome

At The Walker Law Firm, we provide skilled guidance during your divorce to help you make prudent decisions and strategic moves that will set you up for the most advantageous outcome possible. Our primary goal is to protect your best interests through this process.

Our divorce attorneys also help you monitor and track the social media habits and postings of your spouse. If your spouse or former spouse is posting evidence of irresponsible behavior or decisions that should be taken into consideration during property division and custody proceedings, we will help you document these postings to support your case.


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