Parole Results

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Often times parole results are not as clear as they should be.  This week we have been successful about one half of the time.  We had some difficult cases this week where charges were murder and we had opposition from families, the Attorney General’s Office and local District Attorneys.  The good news is we were able to get a guy out who was serving a life sentence pursuant to the habitual offender act.  Thomas had been in for over twenty years when we got him paroled this week.  He is thrilled to be going to Life Tech and then home from there.  The key to this case is Thomas kept his attitude where it needed to be and did programs.  He is a success story that we are proud of calling one of our guys!

Update on Thomas***

I went and met with Thomas at the halfway house where he is living.  He is happy and thriving at this house.  He has his own room and can sit outside and look at the stars at night.  Thomas is working to create a business so that he can become fully integrated into free society.  He is no longer looking back at his  mistakes but only looking forward to his new life.


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