Another great week!

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It has been another great week at the Alabama Parole Attorneys, Walker Law Firm.  This week we spoke to over 25 potential new clients and were hired by about half as many.  When reviewing your case, we evaluate it based upon experience.  We have handled cases for hundreds of inmates each year for over 20 years.  As a result we have a pretty good feel about whether or not we can be successful in representing an inmate before the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles.  If we tell you that we can help you, rest assured that we feel good about our probability of success.  Also, If we tell you we cant help you, be careful when speaking to other parole attorneys about your case.  There are less experienced attorneys that will offer you their services when they don’t understand that you can’t be helped right now.  AS ALWAYS, BE VERY CAREFUL IF AN ATTORNEY GUARANTEES THEIR SUCCESS.  Please feel free to contact us at of 334-558-0171.


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